Even as a toddler I was exploring multi channel communications and expressing my, eeerrm, creative side on furniture, walls, shoes and even myself. If social media had existed when I was a kid then I’m sure my parents would have created a Youtube channel and Instagram to demonstrate all the insane and innovative creations I thought were works of art. No surface was safe!


Luckily [for my parents] I did grow out of that phase and with a little guidance have managed to divert all of that creativity to my other hobbies, social life and business drive. I can now apply my right-brain passion to my left-brain thinking – and you can see all of that in the strategic and creative campaigns I’ve worked with many clients, ranging Govt, FMCG, OTC, Pharma, Agri and Pets.


I’m proud to have been able to combine many of my hobbies and interests into the progression of my career – with opportunities emerging from those activities I’m involved, including photography, health & nutrition, sport, travel and technology. I love to travel – who doesn’t? – but not everyone has a Google Docs spreadsheet counting all the countries I’ve traveled as a competition with my parents, brothers and sister. Not everyone spends their Sunday afternoons on Photoshop retouching hundreds of photos before they’re allowed to go anywhere near Facebook.


Basketball is definitely the other big competitive arena for me – I’ve been a coach, a referee, a player and a team administrator. Yes I’m still young enough to be an effective member of my basketball team here in Sydney too. I started playing when I was 9, and through all of my sporting achievements I’ve also learned so many valuable skills that I’m able to use in business every day. Basketball has helped me become a trustworthy motivator, a strategic go-getter, a compassionate leader, as well as a desire to get out there and win.


Growing up in Melbourne I went to school at Trinity Grammar, then went on to study at RMIT, and then added a design qualification just to show on paper that I really am a good designer too. I still do like to dabble a bit in creative and production, but mostly I’m able to apply those skills in an account service capacity to advise clients and to work closely with suppliers.


For the last 5 years I’ve been in Sydney, having returned from a good long stint in London and USA. In that short time I’ve managed to develop many valuable relationships with new friends, colleagues, clients and suppliers. I have managed to gain incredible experience across a very broad range of work, including bespoke digital technologies, social media, research insights, global/local production, consumer and health. Not only have I pumped out beautiful work, but it has also been effective at achieving the business or brand objectives set out in the strategy.


I am a senior suit. I’m a hybrid suit. I work well in a small team just as well as I work in a large team. I’m able to impart my experience, strategic and creative thinking to clients as well as for the operational improvements to the agency. I will talk high level with CMO’s about strategy, structure and macro-environment, as well as engaging with their brand coordinators to implement campaigns, deliver on time/budget, and analyse reports. Oh and if you were to ask my previous colleagues, they’ll tell you I still love drawing on the walls and windows – but luckily now its just when I’m running a strategy day, mapping a channel plan or working out new improved agency processes.


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