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Hey everyone. In our first show'n'tell post for 2019 we want to launch and introduce you to Showoff social media pages. Here you'll find exclusive news, updates, advice, tips & tricks. For now, we're launching just with Linkedin and Facebook. And so you know, our social media strategy is for Linkedin to include all our recruitment shout-outs and news/updates with a more professional vibe; then Facebook will be a bit more fun and entertaining content.

We value your time, so promise to only share/post the most relevant, timely, informative and engaging content to each of our channels.

This announcement coincides with our increased focus on Experience Planning (XP) in 2019, which includes experience design, customer personas, user journey mapping, interface design, creative planning, tactical roadmaps, and campaign reporting. XP should be prioritised at the beginning of any creative campaign and all digital transformation.

That's all for now. But maybe in the future there is increased strategic requirement to add more social media channels to our influencer reach, but only when our strategy and timing is right. Pinterest? Instagram? WeChat? We'd be interested to know how you like to engage with us...

Click on the links in this article to connect with us. Follow. Like. Comment. Share. Chat. #GetMoreDone

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